Limited edition prints

If you would like to buy a print please email me at

My work is available as giclée and conservation grade signed mounted prints with print runs limited to up to twenty of each pressing.  Prices range from £70 – £95 for A4 prints and £120 – £160 for A3 prints.

Please do contact me if you would like to see photos of work in progress. I do most of my pressings in the spring and early summer when the visibility is good for diving for fine specimens.

Postage: Postage can be arranged for anywhere within the UK and generally costs between £8-11 for Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Framed Pictures are available ranging in price from £180 to £280. They are available for pick-up only. Please contact me to see what is available.

A3 prints:

Sea Beech 2 £160
Meadow Flora – sold out
Sea Lettuce

A4 prints:

Sea Beech 3 £90
Reef Flora sold out
Dulse 2 £80
Ocean Treasure £95 sold out
Dabberlocks 2 £80
Sea Oak 2 £80
Forest Kelp £80
Dabberlocks 1 £80
Ocean Pinks £95 – sold out
Sea Pinks and Cock’s Comb £95
Pinks from the Deep £95
Sea Oak 1 £80
Jewels from the Edge £90
Beautiful Fan Weed £80
Sea Oak leaves £95
Beautiful Fan Weed £80
Sea Oak 3 £80
Multi-frame £280
framed A3 Sea Oak £240
framed A3 Dulse £220
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