January sale of limited edition prints

If you would like to buy a print please email me at charlotte.goodlet@btinternet.com

My work is available as conservation grade signed prints with print runs limited to ten of each pressing.  Normal prices range from £70 – £95 for A4 prints and £120 – £160 for A3 prints. Please see images below for January sale prices.

Please do contact me if you would like to see photos of work in progress. I do most of my pressings in the spring and early summer when the visibility is good for diving for fine specimens.

Postage: Postage can be arranged for anywhere within the UK and generally costs between £8-11 for Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Framed Pictures are available ranging in price from £180 to £280. They are available for pick-up only. Please contact me to see what is available.

A3 prints:

Sea Beech 2 now £80
Meadow Flora – sold out
Sea Lettuce
now £60

A4 prints:

Sea Beech 3 £45
sold out
Dulse 2 £40
Ocean Treasure £95 -sold out
Dabberlocks 2 £40
Sea Oak 2 £40
Forest Kelp £40
Dabberlocks 1 £40
Ocean Pinks £95 – sold out
Sea Beech 1 £40
Sea Pinks and Cock’s Comb £45
Pinks from the Deep £45
Sea Oak 1 £40
Jewels from the Edge £95 – sold out
Beautiful Fan Weed £40
Sea Oak leaves £45
Beautiful Fan Weed £40
Sea Oak 3 £40
Multi-frame £280
framed A3 Sea Oak £240
framed A3 Dulse £220
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